The Ends of the Earth

Our mission at Truth Tabernacle of Praise is:

Our Ends of the Earth ministry area is just as it says ... beyond North America and into the remotest parts of the world. We are currently involved in the following ministries. Contact Us to learn more and to join in the work that God is doing all over the world!

Heartsprings International Ministries - Their missions are to open human hearts and community doors to the transforming Gospel of the Kingdom by giving safe water to needy people, and to equip gifted people for passionate service by enabling them to experience becoming empowered agents for divine transformation.

We also have Strategic Mission Partnerships in Zambia and Malawi, as well as other parts of Africa.

International Mission Board

Jerusalem - The Atlanta Metropolitan Area

Judea & Samaria - Georgia and North America

Before you go ...

Before you go ... Remember that God wants you to know that you are special, that He created you for a unique purpose. He loves you very much and longs for a relationship with you!

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