Worship Pastor

Carl Ellis

Carl Ellis, Jr. is married to Faye Ellis and is the father of five children, Arnez, Shawn, Jonathan, Dana, and Myles.  He also has eight grandchildren.  Pastor Ellis was born in Jersey City, NJ to Bishop Carl Ellis, Sr. and wife, Jessye. He is the third oldest of twelve children.   In 1968, his father opened the doors to the House of Prayer Church in Jersey City, NJ.  With twelve children, they all had their share of responsibilities in the house of the Lord.  One Sunday, Carl said to his Father that he heard a voice say to him, “go to the organ and play.”   Since Carl had no musical experience, his Father told him not to do it.   However, the young boy made his way to the organ.  The anointing and power of the Holy Ghost fell upon him and he began to play.  Eventually, Carl became the musician for the church, and supported the ministry faithfully for many years.

Pastor Carl relocated to North Carolina in the early 1980s.  He served as minister of music for many years at several churches in the Sanford, Raleigh-Durham, Rocky Mount area. Many churches have called upon his musical talents when they have needed assistance. He has been asked to accompany many pastors, soloists, and choirs.  When he moved to Georgia in 2010, he continued to serve as a  minister of music, and to glorify God through music and worship.  

Pastor Carl was called to preach the Gospel at an early age.  He was licensed as a Minister through the House of Prayer Church in NJ.  He was ordained as Elder in 1998 through Deliverance Temple of Truth Holy Churches, Inc., Greensboro, NC, under the leadership of Bishop Ralph D. Graves.  God has anointed him to preach, teach, sing, encourage, etc. in the spirit of excellence.  In January of 2018, the Lord led Pastor Ellis to Truth Tabernacle of Praise, Stone Mountain, GA, where his sincere passion and love for music and people, can be witnessed every Sunday and Wednesday during worship services.